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Welcome to Priory Polishes online shop, we specialise in Antique Restoration products, Jewellery care & Horological supplies. We cover everything you need for your DIY Woodworking projects, from our renowned Polish Reviver to Wood finishes such as Bees Wax, Furniture Wax, Wood Oils & Stains.

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Being a small family business, we value the quality of our restoration materials that we supply along with our customer services. As we have been restoring ourselves for over 20 years, we only sell the finest materials.

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Priory Polishes Restoration Products

Priory Polishes is a small family business that has been supplying traditional restoration materials to the Antiques Trade for over 20 years. We hand-mix and produce a wide variety of antique furniture, clock, Horological, Jewellery and metal restoration products along with selling other well known brands like Liberon, Fiddes, Rustins, Briwax and Konig.

We are most well known for our renowned Polish Reviver and Clock Case Restorer used by antique restorers across the world.
Priory polishes is owned by Driscolls Antiques Ltd and run by sisters, Isabel and Ruby Driscoll in a small rural town called Clitheroe in Lancashire. As we have been restoring for three generations, we only use the finest, tried and tested antique restoration products. This is what we offer for sale on our online shop.

Our Wood finishes and Waxes contain the finest quality Bees Wax and Wood Oils to produce a premium finish. The Furniture Wax and Stains on offer, are used by professional restorers to hobbyists on their Crafts and DIY Woodworking projects. We offer specific products for a little bit of TLC or full kits enabling you to fully refurbish your project.

Antique Clock Restoration

Priory is also most well known for our wide selection of specialist Horological cleaners and Refurbishment materials to fix old clocks. This can range from antique clock cleaning solutions for small slate mantle clocks to larger vintage Grandfather clocks with our Dial Repair Kits for repairing your old Clock face.

Our premium Clock Oil can get that old mechanism working again and with our kits, you can have your antique clock back to its former glory for future generations to enjoy.

Our range of Jewellery care is specially formulated for the cleaning of Silver, Gold and Brass. Sold as traditional cleaning powders to more modern impregnated cloths.

Why buy something new when you can Recycle, Revive and Restore it back to its original beauty. Our website has everything you need to Refurbish, Renovate and Enhance the authentic finish and be eco-friendly in the process.
We are here to advise in any way we can to help you get your project completed. If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to ask us.

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